About the Club

LA10 is a football Club situated in the heart of Los Angeles. Our roots in the game are here in LA, our hometown, as well as in Europe. Learning, shaping and finding our way we made our debut as a football Club in September 2018. LA10 celebrates the diversity of our community. We are a place where young talent can find a home and emerge. A place where experience on and off the pitch is welcome and valued. Our aim will always be to put an exciting product on the pitch for fans, families and our partners. Above all, LA10 is committed to excellence and winning! Come see us play! Scroll down to see our matches or over to our Fixtures tab on the toolbar!

EDGE Americas Sports, the owners of LA10, also operate a youth development program. The youth program follows a European style training curriculum designed to give players new skills, confidence and a greater appreciation of the game. Players train twice a week at UCLA on Tuesday and Thursdays from 4:30 - 6pm. In addition to training, the coaches organize match play during selected training sessions where players can test their skills. All Coaches hold are highly skilled in youth training and each holds a coaches license. Find all information on line at www.adp10footballacademies.com LA10’s youth development programs operates under the name/brand ADP10 Football Academies.

Start playing at a higher level with our youth development program and let it take you to our U20 team, Reserves or shoot for a spot on the first team, LA10!